Open Banking

Enhance your customer experience by seamlessly integrating Open Banking into your app’s checkout process.

Open Banking Solution

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Open Banking has emerged as a transformative concept aimed at fostering competition and innovation within the financial industry. It entails banks and financial institutions opening up their data to regulated providers, enabling them to access, utilize, and share this information. So, what does Open Banking mean for your business?

Here are the key benefits:

Improved user experience

Faster and more convenient payment experience. By leveraging the data shared through Open Banking, customers can enjoy streamlined payment processes, eliminating the need for manual input and reducing friction in transactions.

Streamlined management

By leveraging Open Banking services, you gain access to an integrated platform that allows you to view your transaction data in real-time.

Transparent and predictable pricing

Open Banking operates on a fixed model with no hidden charges. You can expect a clear and transparent fee structure, typically with a fixed charge per payment.

Enhanced data security

Open Banking is built with security as a top priority. It incorporates robust measures to protect financial data when shared with authorised third-party providers.