Virtual Accounts

Streamline your payment processes with our advanced Virtual Account solution.

Virtual Account Solution

With Shpun Virtual Account, you can optimize your cash flow and expedite collection, giving your valued customers a convenient and efficient way to make instant payments.

Here are the key benefits:

Account in your company's name

Receive payments directly from your extensive UK customer base. With a Virtual Account bearing your company's name, you can establish trust and professionalism while simplifying the payment process for your customers.

Real-time data

Access up-to-the-minute transaction information, enabling you to track and monitor incoming payments. Real-time data empowers you to expedite reconciliation and streamline processing, saving valuable time and resources.

Daily settlement of balances

Experience hassle-free funds management with our daily balance settlement feature. Each day, all customer funds are promptly swept into your account, ensuring they are readily available for onward payments or trades.